Tim H. Swanson

When Allison and I got married, I weighed a solid 300 lbs. And it wasn’t fun… or pretty. My back... View Article

I‘ll never forget when my dad gave the eulogy at his dad’s funeral. My dad is a highly experienced public... View Article

Alura was 12 when I married her mom and became her dad. At first, her need from me was simple.... View Article

Raising boys isn’t easy. We live in a world that’s increasingly designed to derail their lives and hurl them into... View Article

One of the scariest parts of recovery is the anxiety that comes with worrying that you or someone you care... View Article

If there’s anything a man wants to leave behind when his life is over, it’s a great legacy. We’re wired... View Article

Parenting isn’t an exact science… In fact it’s not a science at all. It’s more of an art. An art... View Article


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